At Snausages® Dog Snacks, we believe dogs are people too. Unfortunately, our

K-9 friends have fallen a bit behind on their social networking skills... making it harder to connect with their pals. Not having a smart phone or tablet to call their own, they don’t know when Jack, Cookie or Pugly are at the dog run or local park. Now it’s up to you to help a brother out.

How it works:

Introducing PavLoves Dogs®. A Mobile Social App. Finally, your pup can track down his pack. He’ll be alerted on his master’s device with his very own Alert Tone when a friend is nearby, triggering the classic Pavlovian Response. And with his own Facebook profile, created by the app, posting updates and sharing Instagram pics will ping a nearby human friend’s mobile device with an alert of his own. Hellooo Bella.

Open up a pack Snausages® Dog Snacks and your dog is on his way to be as Sn’awsome as possible. Just scan the unique code inside with your phone to unlock the PavLoves Dogs® app. It connects with Facebook, instantly creating his very own profile. Post killer updates on his news feed, share pics and collect K-9 friends — online, on phones, or on tablets. We’re Snaus-ing up his taste buds, as well as his social life... giving you access to search nearby dog runs for his buddies, checking the weather at his favorite parks, and using Google Maps to earn geo-located “Top Dog” Badges. Whether he’s the king of the hill, or the corner fire hydrant, marking his territory has entered the digital age. His spots are digitally tagged with his name and profile pic using satellite imagery. It’s a whole new way to interact with our brand. And for us to tap a brand new audience... our end-user. The guys with the tails.